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Bell Schedule (M, T, Th, F)

7:45-8:15        Planning
8:15     1st Bell
8:25     Tardy Bell / Begin Announcements
8:35 - 9:25     1st period
9:30 - 10:20     2nd period
10:25 - 11:15     3rd period
11:20 - 12:10     4th period
12:15     Lunch A / Begin 5th period
12:45     End Lunch A / Students to 5th
1:05     Lunch B
1:35     End Lunch B / Students to 5th
1:40     End 5th / Move to 6th period
1:45 - 2:35     6th period
2:40 - 3:30     7th period

Bell Schedule (Wed)

7:45-8:15     Planning
8:15     1st Bell
8:25     Tardy Bell / Begin Announcements
8:35 - 9:15     1st period
9:20 - 10:00     2nd period
10:05 - 10:45     3rd period
10:50 - 11:30     4th period
11:30     Lunch A
11:35     Tardy Bell for 5th period
12:05     End Lunch A / Students to 5th
12:25     Lunch B
12:55     End Lunch B / Students to 5th
1:00     End 5th period / Move to 6th period
1:05 - 1:45     6th period
1:50 - 2:45     Hawk Time
2:50 - 3:30     7th period
Welcome to Washington County High School (WCHS) where we believe in the power of education. We understand that by educating a student to become a well-prepared, concerned citizen, we have truly made the world a better place. By educating and encouraging students to think and ask questions instead of only teaching memorizing and test-taking skills, we have equipped them to be more successful in schools of higher education and the job market. By insisting students actively participate in their communities, we have made them aware of the needs of others. These educational goals are evident in our classrooms.

WCHS has a long history of excellence in academics as well as extracurricular activities. We offer a wide range of courses that are both interesting and challenging. Our students actively participate in activities that have brought recognition and pride to the school and community through awards and competitions statewide, regionally and nationally. The faculty and staff members feel fortunate to have strong support from our parents, community members, and local businesses. We pledge to continue to work hard to make our academic and extra curricular programs even stronger to ensure our students are successful and prepared for the future. Washington Co. High School’s administration, faculty and staff are excited about working with your child. We welcome questions or comments, and we are looking forward to a great year!

Dr. Allen Gray, Principal


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WACO wins BIG at Tech Fair

Thirty six WCHS students participated in the Oconee RESA Regional Technology Fair on January 24. Six counties were represented and Washington County placed extremely well with some tough competition. All first place winners advance to the state competition on Saturday, March 8. The following students placed:


·         1st Place Grade 9-10 Animated Graphic Design:  Jadia Hypolite

·         1st Place Grade 11-12 Digital Photography:  Richandra Harden

·         1st Place Grade 9-10 Non-Multimedia Applications:  Zane Winkler

·         1st Place Grade 9-10 Non-Animated Graphic Design:  Cindy Guo and Jesslyn May

·         1st Place Grade 11-12 Non-Multimedia Applications:  Baylee Brown and Natalie Durden

·         1st Place Grade 11-12 Digital Game Design:  Stewart McDonald

·         2nd Place Grade 9-10 Digital Photography:  Daija Hypolite

·         2nd Place Grade 11-12 Animated Graphic Design:  Jordan Welch

·         2nd Place Grade 11-12 Digital Photography:  Nygeria Lewis

·         2nd Place Grade 11-12 Multimedia Applications:  Max Corder and Jim Pharis

·         2nd Place Grade 9-10 Non-Animated Graphic Design: Yash Maisuria

·         2nd Place Grade 11-12 Non-Animated Graphic Design:  Bryce Sheppard

·         2nd Place Grade 9-10 Non-Multimedia Applications:  Katelyn Lord

·         2nd Place Grade 9-10 Web 2.0 Internet Applications:  Curtis Stephens

·         2nd Place Grade 11-12 Web 2.0 Internet Applications:  Shelby Carter

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1. Download the app - Download the Infinite Campus mobile portal app from any of the following app stores: iTunes, Google play, or Amazon app store for Android.
2. Launch the campus app and enter your District ID: ZCSBQQ
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CTAE Public Notice

Career, Technical and Agriculture ProgramsMore
  • Check the Counselor's page for current information on scholarships, college visits, and testing.   
  • Parking permits are now being sold in the Counselors' Office. In order to purchase a parking permit, students need:

    • a valid driver's license (Class C or Class D)

    • Tag number

    • $10.00


Mr. Trey Carroll
Band and Chorus Teacher

Washington County High School received the Region 3AAA 2013 Cooperative Spirit Sportsmanship Award on behalf of the Georgia High School Association and Georgia EMC.

WCHS MISSION: Home, School, Community - Partners in Life-long Learning

WCHS VISION: It is the vision of Washington County High School to encourage an educational partnership among the school, community and parents, which will create and maintain an environment that will enable students to be safe, respectful, and responsible in a global society.